Summer 2021 Course Payment Form

If you have not registered by May 10, 2021 for session I or by June 7, 2021 for session II, you are required to pay tuition and fees at the time of the registration request, out of pocket or with financial aid.  

Use this form to request registration for summer courses. 

  • Tuition/Fees - $938.50 per unit.  $5,631 for 6-unit course and $2,815.50  for 3 unit course.  $95 non-refundable student fee.  
  • You may not be authorized for Summer enrollment if you have a billing hold.
  • If you have not satisfied a prerequisite, you will need Dean approval. Please contact the respective Dean.  for arts and sciences classes for business classes
  • One business day for payment processing is required. Once payment is processed and confirmed, you will be registered for the requested course.  
  • No refunds are issued after May 7, 2021 for session I and June 4, 2021 for session II.  Please consider the refund policy before paying and requesting registration.  Refunds are issued for cancelled classes or administrative withdrawals. 

Please select the appropriate ‘Paying Out of Pocket’ option. If you believe you have financial aid eligibility, a minimum enrollment of 6 units is required to be eligible for summer financial aid. Please complete a summer financial aid application prior to registering for classes if you plan to use any available Pell grant, federal student loans, federal parent PLUS loan, California Grant, Veterans education benefits, or private loans. 


If you register for summer internship and are not deferring your credits (all or part), you will be billed summer fees. 

  • All internships must be approved by the Office of Internships & Career Services. Your academic advisor can register you prior to securing an internship. If you register but do not secure an internship by June 21, you will be dropped from INT499 and associated tuition charges will be refunded/removed.
  • If you defer part of your internship units, you will be charged both summer fees and the $250.00 credit deferral fee.
  • Drops - Internships cannot be dropped without prior approval from the Office of Internships & Career Services.  Refunds will be approved by the Office of Internships & Career Services.  

Pay for Summer 2021 – Paying Out of Pocket In Full (Deadline May 17, 2021 for session I, June 18, 2021 for session II, June 21 for Internship)

Pay for Summer 2021 – Paying with Financial Aid (Deadline May 17, 2021 for session I, June 18, 2021 for session II, June 21 for Internship. If you are paying with financial aid, you will not be registered until cleared with the Office of Financial Aid.)